Made in USA

The uScope family of whole slide scanners and digital microscopes is proudly Made in the USA of domestic and imported parts. We design each uScope at our facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and manufacture and assemble in US-based businesses.

While we would prefer to manufacture and source everything in the USA, it simply is not possible. We must import the objectives we use (they simply are not made in the United States any more) and a few of the electronic components (again, these parts just aren't made in the US).

Whole Slide Images
Scanned by the uScope Digital Microscope

Cucurbits CS MXII-40x SD

Spyrogyra MXII-40x SD

Lymphogranuloma MXII-40x SD

Insect Compound Eye HXII-10x HD

Caffeine GX-20x SD

Olivine GX-10x HD

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