Jon Ward

Jon Ward
Microscopes Intl. LLC

January 29, 2018

Benefits of the uScope Whole Slide Scanner

How does the uScope make your life easier?

At Microscopes International, we work diligently to add features to our products that improve image quality, enhance ease-of-use, and provide a better overall user experience. Here are just a few of the benefits of the uScope family of whole slide scanners:

ScheduleHow much does it cost?

The uScope is affordable. Dollar for dollar, the uScope is most likely the fastest scanner in the world. The uScope is within the budget of every lab and researcher. To see just how affordable the uScope really is, request a Quote and let our sales team help you choose the uScope that best meets your needs. Pricing starts at under $10,000.

ScheduleCan I take the uScope with me wherever I go?

Yes! It is easy to pack up the uScope and take with you wherever you need it. Whether that's at home or in the lab, the uScope is a portable alternative to larger scanners that have special environmental requirements. The uScope is simple to setup and use with a single power connection and USB 2.0 connection. You can even scan slides from a wide variety of power sources and "lab" locations.

Schedule What image formats are supported?

The uScope does not require you to save images in proprietary formats or limit your access to your scans. Fields captured while scanning are stored in JPG or PNG format (your choice). The large whole slide image is saved in one of three image formats: Deep Zoom (a Microsoft technology), SVS (Tiled TIFF), and EasyZoom (SZI). Deep Zoom images are stored in a folder you can share via your corporate intranet or internet site. SVS or Tiled TIFF images can be opened natively in Windows and Mac OS or by many SVS viewers. You can export regions from the Deep Zoom image in BMP, TIFF, JPG, or PNG format. Review the Scan Folder Structure from our support knowledge base for more information.

ScheduleScan Slides on Your Schedule

As a single-slide scanner that is intended to be a desktop device, the uScope is the ideal peripheral for your laptop or desktop PC. Having a uScope at your fingertips enables you to scan slides when you want, on your schedule. You don't need to take your slides to the scan lab or leave them with another group until they are scanned. You can start scanning immediately — whether you need to scan one or twenty slides.

ScheduleHow do I know which objective best fits my needs?

Each uScope model is available with various objectives to suit your imaging requirements. If you scan pathology slides, choose a model with a 20x or 40x objective. For plants or entomology, you may want to consider the 10x objective models. Check the configurations of the uScopeMXII, uScopeHXII, and uScopeDX to learn more about the options available with regards to objectives.

Schedule Do I need to use a special computer?

The uScope works with many existing Laptop or Desktop PCs. You typically are not required to make space or allocate budget for another computer to use with the scanner. Review the PC Requirements from our support knowledge base to make sure your desktop or laptop computer meets the minimum requirements.

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