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October 4, 2017

News Item
Pathology Visions 2017

Pathology Visions 2017 was a great show this year with a focus on digital pathology, whole slide scanning, deep learning/image analysis, and interconnectivity. Of particular interest is the proposed DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) solution for pathology. DICOM will set the standard for storing and transmitting medical images and will be key to the integration of medical imaging devices.

Proscia Integration

We demonstrated a tight integration with the Proscia Pathology Cloud™ platform by scanning and uploading within the uScope Navigator application. Visitors to our booth were able to scan a slide and upload it to Pathology Cloud. They could then visit the Proscia booth to review, annotate, and learn how to collaborate with other Proscia users.

Other integrations will be available soon.

uScopeDX Introduction

In addition, we unveiled the latest member of the uScope family of whole slide scanners, the uScopeDX dual objective slide scanner. The uScopeDX incorporates two distinct objectives into two individual light paths. This scanner platform supports different slide formats using removable slide trays. The available trays support:

  • One 1"x3" slide,
  • Two standard 1"x3" slides,
  • One 2"x3" slide,
  • One thick (antique) 1"x3" slide,
  • One wide 1"x2" (geological) slide.

New Features

We demonstrated the uScopeMXII and uScopeHXII scanners with the latest software which includes several enhancements:

  • Tiled TIFF/SVS Output
    You now have the option to output a Tiled TIFF image when processing your scanned slides. The Tiled TIFF (SVS) image format is compatible with a wide variety of existing microscopy image viewers. It can also be viewed with the native viewers on Windows and MacOS computers.
  • Stitch While Scanning
    Stitching fields while scanning the region of interest significantly improves the performance of creating deep zoom image sets.
  • Blank Field Detection
    A scanned region often includes numerous blank fields. Focus algorithms to rapidly detect blank fields are especially challenging. Blank field detection is the latest enhancement to the uScope Navigator software that allows rapid detection of blank fields while scanning.
  • Faster Deep Zoom Filtering
    Deep zoom filters (image processing filters applied to a deep zoom image) render 300-400% faster than previous releases of the uScope Navigator application. This reduces the time required to generate the final deep zoom image.
  • Faster Loading Field Sets
    Loading field sets into the Field Set Viewer is now up to 400% faster than prior versions of uScope Navigator. Large scans that previously took up to a minute to load now complete in just a few seconds.
  • Automatic Camera Calibration
    When you connect a uScope for the first time, the uScope Navigator application recognizes this and prompts you to perform an automatic camera calibration (to set white balance, exposure, and flat field).
  • Internal Device Settings
    Settings for each uScope are now stored in the memory internal to each unit. Previously, each uScope included a USB thumb drive which help these settings files. Now, the uScope Navigator application downloads the settings files directly from the uScope when connected. This USB drive is no longer required to connect and use the uScope.

Thanks for Your Support

We really enjoyed talking to all the attendees that visited our booth for a uScope demonstration. We hope you enjoyed the conference and the exhibits and gained pertinent information that will help you in your business. Thanks for taking the time to hear about whole slide scanner solutions from Microscopes International.

Pathology Visions 2017
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