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October 11, 2019

News Item
uScope Navigator v4.5 is now available!

This update to the uScope Navigator application increases system stability and improves the performance of your uScope Whole Slide Scanner.

We have concentrated on improving the stability of the uScope Navigator software and uScope Slide Scanners while simultaneously increasing system performance by reducing scan times and improving overall image quality. While most of the improvements come from changes to the uScope Navigator software, we have also made necessary updates to the uScope firmware. Platform Controller firmware A15.015 or later is required to get all the benefits of the v4.5 release.

More Information about uScope Navigator v4.5

To obtain the uScope Navigator v4.5 update, you must:

  1. Make sure you have registered your uScope.
  2. When registered, you can download this update from the Microscopes International web site.

Once you have downloaded the v4.5 update, uninstall any existing uScope Navigator installations, then launch the v4.5 installer.

This update requires an update to the firmware in some uScope Whole Slide Scanners. If you have Platform Controller firmware version A15.014 or later, you can update the firmware yourself. Older firmware versions may require that you return your uScope for the firmware update.

Contact our support department if you require assistance.

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