Press Release

Plano, TX
November 5, 2014

Press Release
Microbehunter Microscopy Magazine Uses uScope™MXII for Image Capture

Microscopes International, manufacturer of the world's first low-cost, portable, wavelength limited, digital microscope, is pleased to announce Microbehunter Microscopy Magazine is utilizing the uScopeMXII for a majority of the images displayed in the magazine. The uScope is a robust, yet portable, system that can automatically capture and save high-resolution images directly to a computer. The unique design of the uScope is ideally suited for research, clinical and educational applications where high quality, automated, digital imaging is required.

"Digitizing large areas of a slide at high resolution has never been easier. The uScope is a digital microscope which captures high-resolution, overlapping images of a slide and combines it into a final stitched image. The uScope will allow virtual microscopy to find its way into the home or small lab and education sector. I wonder if the uScope has the potential of changing the world of light microscopy as much as the introduction of tablet computers had on the world of computing." said Mr. Oliver Kim, Editor in Chief of Microbehunter Microscopy Magazine.

"The digital microscope revolution starts when everyone can afford to have an automated, digital, microscope on their desk," said Jon Ward, CEO of Microscopes International. "The ability to interactively browse slides with full control of focus, image processing and location combined with the ease of the industry-standard USB interface allows the user to simply plug in and start capturing images. An added benefit is we take the risk out of buying this revolutionary new product by offering a thirty-day, money back guarantee. If a customer is not sure the product will fit their needs they can try it risk free for 30 days. We do this because we are confident they will love it and wonder how they ever lived without the uScope."

How Does It Work?

Digital Slide Images on your Computer: The uScopeMXII Digital Microscope captures images of your standard glass slides and sends them to your PC.

  • Overview and Objective Cameras
    The uScope MXII has an overview camera (for selecting regions of interest) and features a high-powered objective camera for scanning.
  • Automatic Focus
    Images are automatically focused for high-quality captures.
  • Tiling or Stitching
    You can easily zoom and navigate region scans which can be automatically tiled or stitched.
  • Portable Microscope Platform
    At a weight of under 4 lbs., the uScope MXII is highly portable and can easily be moved from your office to the lab.
  • Integrated Image Processing
    Image processing profiles allow you to apply common filters to the uScope MXII slide images. Preset and user-defined profiles are supported.
  • Economical Design
    Finally, a digital slide microscope that everyone can afford.

About Microscopes International

Microscopes International designs and produces innovative microscopy platforms that provide high-resolution, high-quality images in a small, cost-effective form factor. Our products are completely designed in-house from the ground up using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that offer precision and affordability in a compact, portable package. More information is available on the web at

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