Press Release

Plano, TX
November 6, 2016

Press Release
Microscopes Int'l Announces the uScopeHXII Digital Microscope

Microscopes Int'l is pleased to announce the availability of the uScopeHXII Digital Microscope. The uScopeHXII is a high NA (numerical aperture) digital slide scanner that includes a high-quality, infinity objective. The uScopeHXII is offered with either a 20x .65NA infinity or a 40x .80NA infinity objective.

Following on the heels of the uScopeMXII Digital Microscope, the uScopeHXII offers fast whole slide imaging at an affordable price point. The uScopeHXII is a perfect match for users who demand high quality images but who have modest scanning requirements.

The following whole slide scans captured by the uScopeHXII will give you an idea of the capabilities of this economical slide scanner.


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