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Digital Slide Images on Your Computer

The uScope family of Digital Microscopes captures images of your standard glass slides and sends them to your PC. The uScope is a whole slide scanner that allows you to scan regions of interest and create beautiful digital images.

  • Overview and Objective Cameras
    Each uScope has an overview camera (for selecting regions of interest) and features a high-powered objective camera for scanning.
  • Automatic Focus
    Images are automatically focused for high-quality scans.
  • Tiling or Stitching
    You can easily zoom and navigate region scans which can be automatically tiled or stitched.
  • Portable Microscope Platform
    The uScope is highly portable and can easily be moved from your office to the lab.
  • Integrated Image Processing
    Image processing profiles allow you to apply common filters to uScope slide images. Preset and user-defined profiles are supported.
  • Economical Design
    Finally, a digital slide microscope that everyone can afford.

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Videos of the uScope

uScope Navigator Overview

Calibrating the Overview Camera

Fast, Automated Scanning

More Information

Scan My Slide

Scan My Slide is a service that helps you evaluate the image quality of the uScope Digital Microscope.

View Images

We are constantly scanning slides and making the images available for you to view and download.

Compare uScope Models

The uScope digital microscope is available in various models and with various objectives.

Whole Slide Images
Scanned by the uScope Digital Microscope

Filter Paper HXII-10x

Mammal Bone Marrow HXII-20x

Human Intestine HXII-40x

Tertiary Basalt (Poland) GX-10x

Male Mosquito Mouth MXII-20x

Syenite GX-10x

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