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The uScopeDX dual-objective digital microscope lets you browse and scan standard glass slides using either of two(2) objectives. The uScopeDX produces high-quality images while allowing you to scan an area of interest. This digital workhorse offers unprecedented capability in a form factor ideal for desktop PC users. A little larger than an external hard drive, the uScopeDX delivers high-resolution digital images from standard glass slides.

Because of its size, the uScopeDX is highly portable. The industry-standard USB interface makes it easy to plug in and start capturing images at work or on the road. It easily interfaces with a Windows PC and allows you to view and capture slide images in a wide variety of environments.

So easy to use.

All your friends will want to “borrow” it

The uScope Navigator software simplifies capturing an area of interest from your glass slides. You can easily capture single images or select an area of interest to scan. Regions are scanned using the parameters you select. You can even create and apply your own multi-step image processing profiles to change image sharpness, improve contrast, or perform gamma correction. The uScopeDX is so easy to use, all your friends will want to borrow it—but don't let them. They may never return it.


The uScopeDX is available in the following configurations.

Part NumberDescriptionObjective
uScopeDX-2040uScopeDX Digital Microscope (20x/40x)20X 0.40NA & 40x 0.65NA
uScopeDX-2060uScopeDX Digital Microscope (20x/60x)20X 0.40NA & 60x 0.85NA
uScopeDX-4060uScopeDX Digital Microscope (40x/60x)40X 0.65NA & 60x 0.85NA

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What's Included

Each uScopeDX includes the following:

  • uScopeDX Digital Microscope
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • Wall Adapter Power Supply
  • USB Thumb Drive Containing Drivers and Software
  • Test Slides
  • Printed User's Guide
  • Quick Start Guide


Each uScopeDX is warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

The warranty includes all software updates while the unit is under warranty.

You may extend your product warranty each year by purchasing a Maintenance Agreement.

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More Information

Scan My Slide

Scan My Slide is a service that helps you evaluate the image quality of the uScope Digital Microscope.

uScope Navigator Software

The uScope Navigator application is a GUI you use to control the uScope Digital Microscope.

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