Full Control of Imaging

The following user filters in the uScope Navigator software give you complete control over image processing and picture correction.

Personal Digital Microscope

Most digital microscopes are shared between many researchers. That's not the case with the uScopeDX. The uScopeDX is designed and priced for the individual user.

Self-Contained Hardware

The uScopeDX is a self-contained digital microscope. All the electronics, cameras, stage, and optics are contained in a device about the size of an external disk drive. The only thing you need is a Windows PC.

Dual Objectives

The uScopeDX delivers high-quality, brightfield images at near wavelength-limited resolution. Two high-power objectives bring your slide images up close and personal.

Relaxed Environmental Requirements

The uScopeDX is very tolerant of typical office and lab environments. Special, weighted tables are not required to capture clear, vibration-free images.

Simple Setup

Users can easily setup and install the uScopeDX without a team of IT specialists. Most users can take the uScopeDX from the box to viewing slides in under 10 minutes. Special file servers, network interfaces, and ultra high-performance desktop computers are not required.

Cloud Computing Compatible

The uScopeDX provides industry-standard image formats that can be used with cloud-based computing services.

Flexible API for Developers

The .Net compatible API allows developers direct hardware control of the uScopeDX. In addition, the API provides support for a variety of image enhancement filters. Developers can use the API to integrate support for the uScopeDX into existing analysis or imaging tools.

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