Deep Zoom Image Gallery

Fossiliferous Limestone GX-10x HD

Gabbro GX-10x HD

Gneiss GX-10x HD

Marble GX-10x HD

Precambrian Hornblendite (Norway) GX-10x SD

Quartzite GX-10x HD

Syenite GX-10x HD

Tertiary Basalt (Poland) GX-10x SD

Basalt GX-20x SD

Hornblendite GX-20x SD

Micaschist GX-20x SD

Sandstone GX-20x SD

Bank Paper HXII-10x HD

Calcified Frog Bone HXII-10x HD

Cockroach Head HXII-10x HD

Dictydium HXII-10x HD

Filter Paper HXII-10x HD

Fruit Fly HXII-10x HD

Gooseberry HXII-10x SD

Honey Bee Leg HXII-10x HD

Honeybee Mouth HXII-10x HD

Housefly HXII-10x HD

Housefly Proboscis HXII-10x HD

Insect Compound Eye HXII-10x HD

Jellyfish (Moon) HXII-10x HD

Paramecium HXII-10x HD

Potato HXII-10x SD

Sunflower HXII-10x SD

Aero Emphysema HXII-20x SD

Apple HXII-20x SD

Canine Ileum HXII-20x SD

Fibroid Metaplasis HXII-20x SD

Intestinal Adenomatosis HXII-20x SD

Mammal Bone Marrow HXII-20x SD

Mushroom HXII-20x SD

Pine Stem HXII-20x SD

Pine Stem HXII-20x HD

Poppy HXII-20x SD

Spinal Cord HXII-20x HD

Strawberry HXII-20x SD

Swollen Sciatic Nerve HXII-20x SD

Tapeworm HXII-20x HD

Walnut HXII-20x SD

Zea Seed HXII-20x SD

Breast Cancer HXII-40x SD

Canine Rectum HXII-40x SD

Canine Stomach Pyloric Region HXII-40x SD

Canine Taste Buds HXII-40x SD

Human Gallbladder HXII-40x HD

Human Intestine HXII-40x HD

Human Lung Tuberculosis HXII-40x HD

Human Stomach HXII-40x SD

Lactocele HXII-40x SD

Onion Mitosis HXII-40x SD

Pisum Seed HXII-40x SD

Rabbit Testis HXII-40x SD

Tilia (Basswood) HXII-40x SD

Ascaris MXII-20x SD

Bone Marrow MXII-20x SD

Canine Cardiac Muscle MXII-20x SD

Canine Esophagus MXII-20x SD

Canine Spleen MXII-20x SD

Cucurbits CS MXII-20x SD

Cucurbits LS MXII-20x SD

Dragonfly Wing MXII-20x SD

Earthworm MXII-20x SD

Fern Prothalia MXII-20x SD

Fern Root MXII-20x SD

Housefly Wing MXII-20x SD

Human Stomach MXII-20x SD

Hydra MXII-20x SD

Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf MXII-20x SD

Kidney Section MXII-20x SD

Male House Mosquito MXII-20x SD

Male Mosquito Mouth MXII-20x SD

Mosquito Male and Female Heads MXII-20x SD

Mushroom MXII-20x SD

Nymphaea MXII-20x SD

Onion Mitosis MXII-20x SD

Paramecium MXII-20x SD

Pin Worm MXII-20x SD

Rhizopus MXII-20x SD

Root Bacteria MXII-20x SD

Spinal Cord MXII-20x SD

Tick MXII-20x SD

Vicia Faba CS MXII-20x SD

Aero Emphysema MXII-40x SD

Blood Smear MXII-40x SD

Chronic Cervicitis MXII-40x SD

Cricket Wing MXII-40x SD

Cucurbits CS MXII-40x SD

Flower (Dicot) CS MXII-40x SD

Flower (Monocot) CS MXII-40x SD

Insect Leg MXII-40x SD

Intradermal Nevus MXII-40x SD

Kidney Schistosomiasis MXII-40x SD

Lymphogranuloma MXII-40x SD

Mushroom MXII-40x SD

Prawn Eye MXII-40x SD

Rabbit Testis MXII-40x SD

Spyrogyra MXII-40x SD

Canine Ureter MXII-60x SD

Flower (Dicot) CS MXII-60x SD

Frog Ovary MXII-60x SD

Human Sperm MXII-60x SD

Kidney Section MXII-60x SD

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