Entomology Scans

Cockroach Head HXII-10x HD

Fruit Fly HXII-10x HD

Honey Bee Leg HXII-10x HD

Honeybee Mouth HXII-10x HD

Housefly HXII-10x HD

Housefly Proboscis HXII-10x HD

Insect Compound Eye HXII-10x HD

Dragonfly Wing MXII-20x SD

Housefly Wing MXII-20x SD

Male House Mosquito MXII-20x SD

Male Mosquito Mouth MXII-20x SD

Mosquito Male and Female Heads MXII-20x SD

Tick MXII-20x SD

Cricket Wing MXII-40x SD

Insect Leg MXII-40x SD

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