uScopeHXII-40 Digital Microscope

40x (0.80NA) Objective

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The uScopeHXII-40 digital microscope comes with a 40x/0.80NA Infinity Plan Apo objective. This model is suited to applications where very high resolution and good edge definition are required.

The uScopeHXII-40 has a good depth of field that makes it suitable for tissue samples and smears that are moderately thick, although flatter samples and smears autofocus and scan faster. This unit is able to produce very high-quality images while browsing or scanning an area of interest.

Because of its size, the uScopeHXII is highly portable. The industry-standard USB interface makes it easy to plug in and start capturing images at work or on the road. It easily interfaces with a Windows PC and allows you to view and capture slide images in a wide variety of environments.

Complete, Rugged,
All-In-One Digital System

The uScopeHXII digital microscope is a single unit that can browse or scan your prepared glass slides. It is completely self-contained and requires only a Windows PC to scan or browse slides. The uScope Navigator application software enables you to easily capture single images or scan areas of interest.

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What's Included

The uScopeHXII-40 includes the following:

  • uScopeHXII-40 Digital Microscope
  • 40x/0.65NA ∞ Objective
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • Wall Adapter Power Supply
  • USB Thumb Drive Containing
    Drivers and Software
  • Test Slides
  • Printed User's Guide
  • Quick Start Guide

Product Brochure

uScopeHXII-40 Brochure


Each uScopeHXII is warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

The warranty includes all software updates while the unit is under warranty.

You may extend your product warranty each year by purchasing a Maintenance Agreement.

Whole Slide Images
Scanned by the uScope Digital Microscope

Human Gallbladder HXII-40x HD

Onion Mitosis HXII-40x SD

Canine Stomach Pyloric Region HXII-40x SD

Breast Cancer HXII-40x SD

Human Stomach HXII-40x SD

Human Intestine HXII-40x HD

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