Selecting a Point of Interest Overview Image: Selecting a Point of Interest

Using the Overview Image

The overview image displays a thumbnail image of the slide and allows you to select where to position the objective. You may swap the display of the overview image and objective image to help locate and target smaller parts of the image.

Navigation controls move the objective around the slide. Illumination controls change the amount of light output by the slide illuminator.

There are four manual focus levels that work similarly to a traditional microscope. There are three levels of autofocus that work by automatically moving the objective to obtain the best focus.

Viewing a Point of Interest Objective Image: Viewing a Point of Interest

Using the Objective Image

The intuitive controls of the uScope Navigator application make it easy to browse or examine a prepared slide with a uScope Digital Microscope.

When you browse a slide, the uScope Navigator application displays the Browse dialog that provides various controls including:

  • An overview image of the slide.
  • An image of the slide under the objective.
  • Navigation (browse) controls.
  • Illuminator controls.
  • Focus and autofocus controls.
  • Image controls that zoom in/out.
Whole Slide Images
Scanned by the uScope Digital Microscope
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