Multi-Region Scanning

Selecting Multiple Regions

Selecting Multiple Regions to Scan The uScope Navigator software allows you to select multiple regions to scan from a glass slide. There are several reasons why you may prefer to scan multiple regions instead of a single, large one:

  • Multiple regions allow you to output one section per image.
  • Scanning multiple small regions may be faster than scanning a single, large region.
  • Multiple region scanning allows you to ignore unimportant parts of the specimen.

To select a new region, click the mouse and drag to set the dimensions of the region selection box. After you have set a region's size, you can always make adjustments by clicking on the region box and dragging the handles on the sides or corners.

If you make a mistake selecting a region, you can use the following buttons to remove a region selection box.

  • The Delete All button deletes all region of interest selection boxes.
  • The Delete button deletes the currently selected region of interest selection box.

After selecting the region(s) to scan, you can select the filter and focus method to use.

Scanning Multiple Regions Scanning Multiple Regions

Scanning Multiple Regions

When you initiate a multi-region scan, you are prompted to set the initial focus and illuminator settings for each region.

As each region is scanned, it is added to a new tab on the scan window. You can navigate between the tabs to review each completed scan.

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