Scanning Prepared Slides

The uScope Navigator can scan a region of interest on your prepared slide. It does this by capturing multiple fields, one at a time, by moving the objective across a rectangular region of interest. Each field is saved in the folder of your choice as a standard JPEG image file. The uScope Navigator application can optionally combine the fields into a full-sized deep zoom image that you can view using a standard web browser.

There are only a few steps required to scan a region of interest:

  1. Select the region of interest.
  2. Enter a name for the new job.
  3. Set the initial focus and illuminator settings.
  4. Start the scan.
  5. Monitor scan progress.

Selecting the Region of Interest Selecting the Region of Interest

To get started...

As you select each region, the total number of fields and the region size are shown.

The focus method and slide filter can be selected at this time as well.

You can select as much or as little of the slide as you want to scan. Start scanning only when you are satisfied with your selection(s).

Setting Focus and Illumination Setting Focus and Illumination

After you select the regions to scan and enter a new job name, you must use the Set Focus dialog to set the starting focus and illumination settings for the scan. There are a number of controls on this dialog, including:

  • Navigation (browse) controls.
  • Illuminator controls.
  • Focus and autofocus controls.
  • Image controls that zoom in/out (to refine focus if necessary).

You can always click the Back button to return to the prior screen to make changes or adjustments to the scan.

Starting the Scan Starting the Scan

Once scanning begins, the Scan Dialog displays the status of the scan and shows the following:

  • The last three scanned fields within the region of interest.
  • A mosaic of all fields that have been captured.
  • Statistical, timing, and cataloging details of the scan.

You can click the Abort button to pause or exit the scan at any time. The Resume button resumes scanning. Of course, if you wish to change any scan settings, you can abandon the scan entirely and make the required changes before restarting your scan.

Monitoring Scan Progress Monitoring Scan Progress

During scanning, you can easily zoom into and out-of a mosaic display of the scanned fields.

While scanning proceeds, a progress bar updates to indicate the percentage complete. Once the scan finished, you may create a deep zoom image or proceed to scan another region or slide.

Whole Slide Images
Scanned by the uScope Digital Microscope
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