Viewing Scanned Regions of Interest

Multiple Ways to View Your Scans

The uScope Navigator application provides several ways to view the regions of interest you have scanned. You may view these images as:

  • Tiled image sets of the fields in the scan,
  • Deep zoom image sets (that have combined the fields in the scan),
  • Individual JPG/PNG/BMP/TIFF images using your favorite third-party tools.

Tiled Field Sets Tiled Image Viewer

When you scan a region of interest, the uScope Navigator application captures a rectangular set of images that can be tiled to create a mosaic that may be...

  • Viewed as a Tiled Image Set (as shown here) using the uScope Navigator Application.
  • Processed or analyzed with third-party software.
  • Stored or archived in long-term storage.
  • Post-processed to create deep zoom images sets.

To view a single, contiguous, stitched image, you must create a Deep Zoom Image Set.

Deep Zoom Image Sets Deep Zoom Image Viewer

Deep Zoom is a technology that allows efficient transmission, navigation, and viewing of large images. It is ideal for creating and viewing "virtual slides" captured by a digital microscope.

Creating Deep Zoom Image Sets is a three-step process:

  1. The Tiled Image Set is processed using a Deep Zoom filter sequence.
  2. Processed images are then analyzed and combined.
  3. Images for each layer of the Deep Zoom image set are created from the large scan image.

The Deep Zoom Viewer is a web application that requires a web browser (but not internet access) to function. You can easily share deep zoom images on your private computer or intranet site.

Whole Slide Images
Scanned by the uScope Digital Microscope
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