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Upgrading uScope Firmware
uScope DX

Article ID: DXA1086
Created: 14 Nov 2017
Reviewed: 10 Jan 2018

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScopeDX (Model DX2E) and Later
  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Later


How do I update the firmware in my uScope?


Generally, firmware updates are rarely required for the successful operation of the uScope.

However, there are cases where a firmware update is necessary to use the latest version of the uScope Navigator application. When a firmware update is required, you must request the update from our technical support team who will send the firmware file to you.

Firmware Folder

Firmware update files must be copied to the C:\ProgramData\Microscopes International\uScopeNavigator4\Firmware folder. If this folder does not exist, you must create it and copy the firmware update files into it.

Be sure to exit the uScope Navigator application before copying the firmware update file(s) into the Firmware folder.

Firmware Update Process

Device Info and Update Firmware ButtonTo successfully update the firmware on your uScope, you must...

  1. Exit the uScope Navigator application.
  2. Power down the uScope.
  3. Wait five (5) seconds.
  4. Power up the uScope.
  5. Start the uScope Navigator application.
  6. Select the uScope from the uScope Navigator Home Screen.
  7. Click the Device Settings button.
  8. Select the Device Info tab.

The Device Setting page displays information about the uScope. If a valid firmware update file is present in the firmware folder described above, the Firmware Updates section appears along with the Update Device Firmware button. Click the Update Device Firmware button to open the Firmware Update dialog.

It is very important that the firmware update is performed immediately after powering on the uScope. Failure to follow this procedure may cause the firmware download to fail and render the uScope unusable.

Installing the Firmware Update

Firmware Update DialogFirmware updates for your uScope are downloaded from the Firmware Update dialog. Once this dialog opens, you may select the firmware version to download to the uScope. Generally, you will want to select the most recent firmware version. Follow these steps to download new firmware to the uScope...

  1. Select the desired firmware version to download.
  2. Once the firmware version is selected, click the Update button to begin the download.
  3. After the firmware is downloaded, wait for the uScope to reset—you will hear the motion platform in the uScope reset as if you had powered the unit on.
  4. After the uScope motion platform resets, power the uScope off and exit the uScope Navigator Software.
  5. Wait five (5) seconds, then power on the uScope and start the uScope Navigator application.

You may view the Device Info page from the Device Settings to confirm that the firmware was updated.

Do not upgrade your firmware unless instructed to do so by Microscopes International.

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