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How much disk space do scans require?
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How much drive space does a scan require?


Disk space requirements for a scan varies greatly depending on image format, compression, scan region size, camera mode, objective magnification, and so on.

The following table provides a number of disk space estimates for various scans that use the specified settings/configuration.

ROI Size Objective Camera
Fields Disk Space
15×15 mm 10x SD ≈700 ≈125 MByte
15×15 mm 10x HD ≈560 ≈375 MByte
15×15 mm 20x SD ≈2,800 ≈500 MByte
15×15 mm 20x HD ≈2,240 ≈1,500 MByte
15×15 mm 40x SD ≈11,200 ≈2,000 MByte
15×15 mm 40x HD ≈8,960 ≈6,000 MByte
15×15 mm 60x SD ≈25,200 ≈8,000 MByte
15×15 mm 60x HD ≈20,160 ≈24,000 MByte


The table above assumes the following:

  • Scans include a Deep Zoom image.
  • Image fields are stored in JPG format.

If no Deep Zoom image is included, required disk space can be reduced by approximately 50%.

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