uScope DX Using Multiple Slide Trays with the uScopeDX
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Article ID: DXA1255 — Created: 13 Jun 2019 — Reviewed: 5 Sep 2020


I have several different slide trays for my uScopeDX (1"×3", 1"×2", and 30mm×45mm). When I view the overview image, the viewable area on different slide trays always shows the same area as it does on the 1"×3" slide tray. How can I get the uScopeDX to show the correct sized overview image?


The settings you refer to are called shutters and they are different for each type of slide tray. At this time, there is no automatic way to change the shutters.

We typically create separate device configuration files (device profiles) for each slide tray ordered. You must manually load the appropriate device profile for the slide tray in use. Refer to the following knowledge base article for more information about device profiles:

If you only ordered the default 1"×3" slide tray and later ordered a different slide tray, you may not have received the profile for each tray. If this is the case, our support team can generate these files for you. We will need a current device configuration file from your uScope (refer to the above article for information on saving this file). Contact our support department to assistance with this request.

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