uScope GX Inaccurate Analyzer Position
uScope GX

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScopeGX (All Models)
  • uScope Navigator V4.3 — uScope Navigator V4.5

Article ID: GXA1220 — Created: 2 Jul 2018 — Reviewed: 2 Nov 2022


Using uScope Navigator v4.3 with the uScopeGX, some users have observed a situation in which the selected analyzer angle is incorrect. The observed analyzer position seems to be offset 30° – 45° from its intended position. This improper behavior is obvious to experienced users.


This issue is caused when the illuminator for the polarized light path is restored to a setting that is too bright for the initial analyzer calibration. This can be duplicated by following these steps:

  1. Set the polarized objective illuminator level to a very high setting (70 or 80).
  2. Exit the uScope Navigator application.
  3. Turn off the uScopeGX.
  4. Turn the uScopeGX back on.
  5. Start the uScope Navigator application.

At this point, uScope Navigator re-calibrates the analyzer using the incorrect illuminator setting. The illuminator setting should be reset when the uScopeGX is initially connected to the PC. A software issue sometimes prevents the reset from taking effect and results in the inaccurate analyzer angle calibration.


There is a work-around for users who experience this problem:

  1. Enter Browse Mode.
  2. Select the polarized objective.
  3. Set the illuminator level to 15.
  4. Exit the uScope Navigator software.
  5. Wait ffive (5) seconds.
  6. Power the uScopeGX off and back on.
  7. Re-launch the uScope Navigator software.

The uScope Navigator software re-calibrates the analyzer each time the unit is powered on. The above process resets the analyzer angle calibration to the correct position.

More Information

We are working to resolve this problem and will include a fix in a subsequent release of uScope Navigator.

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