uScope GX Manually Creating Multi-Angle Deep Zoom Images
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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3

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I have noticed that you have several "multi-angle" scans on your web site. We would like to create the same thing for our use in-house. How can we do this?


In uScope Navigator 4.3 and earlier, this must be done manually.

You must have completed several scans (of the same ROI) at different analyzer angles and created the associated deep zoom images.

The DeepZoom-??? folders for each angle must be copied into a new folder structure that appears as follows:

     (same as Angle01 above)
     (same as Angle01 above)

Scan-Name Folder

The root folder of your multi-angle scan (Scan-Name in this example) contains the following files:

  • MIDZ.html
    This file is the deep zoom image viewer HTML file. It supports viewing single-angle scans as well as multi-region/angle/layer scans.
  • AngleXX... (folders)
    These folders contain the deep zoom images for each scanned angle.
  • DZDirInfo.xml
    This XML file is the multi-scan directory information file that is required by MIDZ.html to figure out how to open a multi-region/angle/layer scanned image.

DeepZoom Angle Folders

These folders contain the deep zoom images for each angle. They contain the following files:

  • DZThumbnail.jpg
    This image is a 3:2 (1800x1200) image of the constrained uS-Key.jpg image.
  • DZThumbnail_sq.jpg
    This image is a cropped square image (240x240) of the DZThumbnail.jpg image.
  • DZInfo.xml
    This XML file contains information about each scan. Information from this file is extracted by the deep zoom image viewer and used to create the info popup and to calculate image scale.
  • DZViewer.xml (optional)
    This XML file contains filter information for the deep zoom image viewer.
  • DZOutput.xml
    This XML file is required by the deep zoom image viewer. If you plan to use another deep zoom image viewer, you need only this file and the DZOutput_files folder.
  • DZOutput_files (folder)
    This folder contains the deep zoom image pyramid that contains the individual tiles associated with each level of the deep zoom pyramid.
  • uS-Overview.jpg
    This is the image of the slide (minus the label) from the overview camera. The region scanned is outlined in green.
  • uS-Key.jpg
    This is an image of the region scanned (after it has been stitched). It is not a full-sized image.

Creating the Multi-Angle Deep Zoom Folder

Follow these steps when creating the multi-angle deep zoom folder structure.

  1. Create the new folder with a meaningful name (like the name of your scanned slide). We use Scan-Name for illustration purposes.
  2. If you completed scans at 0°, 45°, and 90°, you should have three deep zoom image sets.
    • Copy the 0° DeepZoom-??? folder contents into the Angle01 folder.
    • Copy the 45° DeepZoom-??? folder contents into the Angle02 folder.
    • Copy the 90° DeepZoom-??? folder contents into the Angle03 folder.

    The Angle folders must be named Angle01, Angle02, Angle03, and so on. The suffix (01, 02, 03) are merely an index and do not reflect the angle of the scan.

  3. Copy the MIDZ.html image viewer into the Scan-Name folder.

    You must request an updated MIDZ.html that supports multi-angle viewing from our technical support department.

  4. Create the DZDirInfo.xml file in the Scan-Name folder using the following template.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <DZDirInfo xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    • Change the text between the AngleCount tags to indicate the number of angles in this image (3 in our example).
    • Change the text between the AngleList tags to a comma-separated list of the angle measures. Use BF for bright-field.

When all of the above steps are completed you should be able to launch MIDZ.html and view the multi-angle deep zoom images.

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