uScope HXII What resolution is the uScopeHXII?
uScope HXII

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What resolution is the uScopeHXII?


The uScopeHXII is wavelength-limited. Image resolution is governed by the wavelength of visible light and depends on the numerical aperture (NA) of the objective and the camera mode: SD (standard definition–960x540) or HD (high definition–1920x1080).

uScope Model Objective NA SD Pixel Mapping
HD Pixel Mapping
uScopeHXII-10 10x 0.30 ≈1.00 ≈0.50
uScopeHXII-20 20x 0.65 ≈0.50 ≈0.25
uScopeHXII-40 40x 0.80 ≈0.25 ≈0.125

As a rule of thumb, NA × 1,000 is the total magnification possible with any given objective.

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