uScope HXII Does the uScopeHXII Work with 240VAC Power?
uScope HXII

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Does the uScopeHXII operate on 240VAC power?


Yes. The uScopeHXII is powered by an external power supply that operates on 100-240VAC at 50-60Hz. It provides 12VDC at a minimum of 1.5A to the uScope via a barrel plug. The power supply is universal and is designed to work with a number of different plug types.

Type A (US, Canada, Mexica, Japan, ...)
Type A
Type C (EU, South America, Asia, ...)
Type C
Type G (UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, ...)
Type G
Type I (Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina, ...)
Type I

Not all uScope power supplies are interchangeable. Some are 12VDC while others may be different voltages. Use only the power supply provided with your uScope.

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