uScope HXII Can the uScopeHXII scan a damaged slide?
uScope HXII

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScopeHXII (Model HX2C) and Later

Article ID: HXB1080 — Created: 1 Nov 2017 — Reviewed: 2 May 2021


Can the uScopeHXII scan a damaged slide?


Yes. As long as the slide can be inserted into the slide tray and fit snugly under the slide springs, it can be scanned.

We have scanned slides that were chipped, cracked, and broken nearly in half. The slide must be a standard width (24.0mm-26mm) to fit into the slide tray.

Sometimes, slides are so damaged that the springs on the uScope slide tray can shave slivers of glass off the edges and deposit them into the uScope mechanism—this could be very bad. These slides should be sanded or polished to mitigate this issue. Glass polishing pads, found on Amazon and other online retailers, can be used to reduce the sharp edges and glass chips on many damaged slides.

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