uScope HXII Control Panel Messages
uScope HXII

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

Article ID: HXB1149 — Created: 13 Feb 2018 — Reviewed: 23 May 2019


When I load a slide into the uScope, the uScope Control Panel displays a number of messages as the slide loads. What are the messages and what do they mean?


uScope Navigator attempts to provide as much feedback as possible about the operation of the uScope slide scanner. A number of messages may display on the uScope Control Panel page during operation.

Slide Ejected. Insert another slide and select Load Slide.

Slide Ejected. Insert another slide and select Load Slide. This message indicates several things:

  • The slide tray has been ejected,
  • Any slide that was previously loaded may now be removed,
  • and The uScope Navigator software and uScope whole slide scanner are ready for a new slide to be loaded.

Getting Overview Image...

Getting Overview Image... This message indicates that the uScope Navigator software has commanded the uScope slide scanner to capture an overview image of the slide.

After the overview image is acquired, the slide tray is retracted into the uScope and is ready to browse or scan.

Getting Flat Field...

Getting Flat Field... From time-to-time, the uScope Navigator application captures a blank image (with the objective) to be used to flatten subsequent images from the objective camera. The flat field image is used to mitigate small gradients in the image due to vignetting of the illuminator. It can also correct minor problems in the image caused by dust in the light path, on the illuminator, or on the objective.

A new flat field image is not required for every slide scanned. But, the uScope Navigator application makes sure that the flat field image that is used is current.


Loading...This message indicates that the uScope Navigator Software has commanded the uScope slide scanner to load the slide and prepare it for browsing or scanning. It appears after you insert a slide into the uScope and click the Load Slide button on the uScope Control Panel.

The slide tray is retracted into the uScope, an overview image is acquired, a flat field image is captured (if necessary), and the uScope Navigator display updates showing the overview image, browse, and scan controls.

Device is Initializing...

This message only appears for the uScopeGX. It indicates that the polarizer and analyzer are being aligned in the polarized light path. This message appears each time the uScope is powered on.

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