uScope HXII Replacing the Illuminator LED
uScope HXII

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  • uScopeHXII (All Models)

Article ID: HXB1243 — Created: 29 Mar 2019 — Reviewed: 29 Mar 2019


If one of the illuminators on the uScopeHXII burns out, is it possible to replace it?


Yes. However, changing the illuminator requires factory re-alignment of the illuminator and re-calibration of the uScope. This is covered under the standard maintenance agreement for your uScope.

The LED is not a user-service item nor can it be replaced without re-aligning and re-calibrating the uScope.

We use LEDs that are designed with a typical life of 20,000 hours. You should be able to scan many thousands of slides with the supplied illuminator.

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