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uScope HXII

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: HXB2399 — Created: 2 Dec 2022 — Reviewed: 11 Dec 2022


Each uScope has internal Flash memory that is used to store the configuration data required for normal operation. This memory is updated during normal operation of the uScope.


The uScope's Flash memory is initially programmed when each unit is configured and calibrated the first time by our manufacturing team. When you connect a uScope to your PC and start the uScope Navigator application, these settings are read from the uScope and saved to a settings file your PC's disk drive.

During normal operation, each user makes minor changes to the operating parameters of the uScope (illumination, focus, focus method, etc.). These changes are saved to the settings file on disk. They are subsequently written to the uScope internal Flash memory when uScope Navigator exits.

Both copies of the configuration data (in the uScope's Flash memory and on the PC's hard drive) have a timestamp. uScope Navigator always uses the more recent.

We suggest following these recommendations to ensure the uScope's internal Flash memory is updated properly.

  • Always exit uScope Navigator before turning off power on the uScope.
  • After exiting uScope Navigator, wait five (5) seconds before turning off power to the uScope.
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