uScope MXII Power off uScopeMXII when not in use?
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When my uScopeMXII is not in use, should I power it off or is is safe to leave it on all the time?


In most cases, it is perfectly safe to leave the uScopeMXII powered on all the time.

However, if your power source is subject to brownouts or is otherwise unstable (power switches on and off several times) you should leave the uScopeMXII powered off when not in use.

  • We recommend that you exit the uScope Navigator software before powering the uScope down. Updates to the uScope configuration are written to the uScope's internal Flash memory when you exit uScope Navigator.
  • After exiting uScope Navigator, we recommend waiting five (5) seconds before powering down the uScope.

If you are able to use power from a UPS or other filtered, battery-backed power source, you may safely leave the uScopeMXII powered on full-time.

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