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While highly unlikely, it is certainly possible for a slide to get jammed inside the uScopeMXII. There are several scenarios where this could occur:

  • The slide was inserted improperly.
    It is possible to insert a slide in such a way that it does not fit between the slide springs and the tray and instead rests on top of the slide springs. When the platform moves, the slide falls off of the slide tray and into the interior of the uScope.
  • The slide slipped out of a springless slide tray.
    Only a few units have been constructed with springless slide trays. Generally, these users should be aware of the care required with slides in such units.
  • The slide was inserted into the unit while the slide tray was retracted.
    This typically happens only once to first-time users who are just learning about the uScope.
  • The coverslip is too high and prevents slide removal.
    Some slides were prepared with a lot of cement under the coverslip and are too tall to remove.

Fortunately, all of these issues are easy to rectify with a minimum of tools and effort.

We recommend removing slides from the uScopeMXII before moving the unit or preparing it for shipment.


Following are step-by-step instructions for retrieving a slide from the interior of the uScopeMXII. The following tools may be required:

  • 3mm hex Allen driver
  • A clean microfiber cloth
  • Some cotton swabs
  • Low-adhesive tape

You do not need to remove the mechanism from the case to retrieve the slide.

Step 1. Turn Power Off and Disconnect All Cables

Turn off power to the uScope and disconnect the power cable and the USB cable.

Remove the four corner screws on the front panel of the uScope.
Slide tray and diffuser.

Step 2. Remove the Front Panel

Using a 3mm hex Allen driver, remove the four stainless steel screws from the front cover of the uScope and carefully remove the unit's front panel.

The four (4) screws are torqued to 21 inch-lbs. and may be a little difficult to remove.

Place the front panel face up or on a soft cloth to avoid marring the surface. The front panel is very rugged, but it can still be scratched or marred.

Step 3. Identify the Slide Tray and Diffuser

After removing the front panel, locate the slide tray and diffuser. Avoid pressing on the slide tray or attempting to move it left or right. It is fixed in place and cannot be moved by hand.

The front of the control board is exposed once the front panel is removed. Please take all necessary precautions to avoid ESD/static damage to the control board inside the uScope.

Step 4. Locate and Remove the Slide

At this point, you should be able to see the slide and remove it from the uScope. It is very unlikely for the slide to damage the uScope mechanism. But, it is possible for the mechanism to break the slide.

If the slide did break inside the unit, remove all glass pieces from the interior of the uScope. You may use a low-adhesive masking tape to collect glass shards from inside the uScope. We have found that wrapping the tape (sticky side out) around the end of a pencil or long cotton swab to be effective at picking up glass shards without removing the mechanism from the case.

  • Do not use high-pressure or canned air to "dust off" the diffuser
    This could blow dust, dirt, or glass into the light path or mechanical parts of the uScope.

Clean the diffuser.Step 5. Clean the Diffuser

Since you already have the front cover off of the unit you should clean the diffuser (if necessary). We recommend using a microfiber cloth for cleaning because of their ability to effectively grab dust and other small debris. You may also use a cotton swab.

  • Do not use cleaning solution or solvent to clean the diffuser

To clean, wipe the surface of the white plastic diffuser located immediately below the slide tray.

  • Do not remove the diffuser from the unit
    It can be very difficult to re-insert into place. If you DO remove the diffuser, re-insert it on the 5th spline from the bottom of the uScope case.
  • Do not use high-pressure or canned air to "dust off" the diffuser
    This could blow dust or dirt into the light path or mechanical parts of the uScope.

Step 6. Replace the Front Panel

After cleaning the overview diffuser, replace the front panel making sure to securely tighten the four stainless-steel screws. If you have a torque driver, tighten the screws to 21 inch-lbs. If not, tighten the screws hand tight only.

Reconnect the uScope to your computer, reconnect the power cable, and turn the unit on. Then, relaunch the uScope Navigator software.

At this point, you should recalibrate the overview camera. Refer to Recalibrating the Overview Camera for more information.

After recalibration, the overview image should be back to normal.

More Information

Refer to Inserting a Slide Into the uScopeMXII for more information.

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