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What's the best way to adjust the image I see when browsing a slide.


While browsing, you can change the following controls to affect the image:

  • Illumination
  • Image Filters

While illumination can make the image brighter or darker, image filters can affect a much wider range of image details.


The illumination controls change the amount of light output by the slide illuminator. Setting the illumination too high can create images that are too bright while setting the illumination too low can create images that are too dark.

You can adjust the illuminator from 0 (off) to 100 (full illumination).

The uScope is tuned to achieve best images at an illumination level of 35. Setting the illumination to values that are much lower than 35 can cause images that are too dark while setting the illumination to values that are much higher than 35 can cause images that are oversaturated.

Image Filters

The default objective filter sequence is pre-selected from the filter drop down. However, you may choose a different filter sequence to apply. Filter sequence immediately affect the displayed image.

Only a very limited set of filter sequences are included with the uScope Navigator software. The intention is that each user would create his/her own filter sequences dedicated to their workflow.

Each filter sequence may include several individual filters (brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpen, and so on) in a specific order to create the desired effect(s). The Filter Manager allows you to create as many filters as you like. You can load a test image and compare the before and after effects of the filter sequences you create.

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