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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Later

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How do I browse slides in polarized light?


The uScopeGX Whole Slide Scanner includes two light paths: one for brightfield and one for polarized light.

  • The brightfield light path is identical to the light path found on the uScopeMXII and uScopeDX.
  • The polarized light path has a polarizer in the illuminator and another polarizer (analyzer) in the light path in front of the camera. The analyzer can be rotated 0°–180°.

Browse: BrightfieldTo browse slides in polarized (or brightfield) light, begin as you would for any other slide:

  1. Load the slide into the slide tray of the uScopeGX.
  2. Insert the slide tray into the unit.
  3. Click the Load Slide button on the uScope Control Panel.
  4. Click the Browse button on the Control Panel once the slide has loaded.

When the slide is loaded and the Browse screen appears, you can use the objective select buttons to select the brightfield objective or the polarized light objective.

  • When viewing the brightfield light path, the analyzer angle controls are not displayed (since there is no polarizer in the light path).
  • When viewing the polarized light path, the analyzer angle controls are displayed and have an immediate effect on the analyzer.
Browse: Analyzer Angle 0°
Browse Mode: Analyser Angle 0°
Browse: Analyzer Angle 45°
Browse Mode: Analyser Angle 45°
Browse: Analyzer Angle 90°
Browse Mode: Analyser Angle 90°

Switching between brightfield and polarized images moves the slide to the new objective and light path. As a result, the part of the specimen directly under the objective may move slightly.

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