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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: NCP1198 — Created: 10 May 2018 — Reviewed: 22 May 2018


uScope Navigator v4.5 has several changes to the user interface of the uScope Control Panel once a slide is loaded into the uScope. These changes are a result of new and improved features in uScope Navigator.


The updated user interface appears as follows:


Most of the controls should be obvious to current users. The following controls have been moved or improved:

Slide Filter

The slide filter drop-down menu allows you to select the filter to apply to the field images.

Slide Filter Drop Down Menu

Focus Method

The focus method drop-down menu allows you to select the focus method to use for this scan.

Focus Method Drop Down Menu


The resolution drop-down menu allows you to select the camera resolution for this scan.

Resolution Drop Down Menu

Focus Settings

Additionally, focus settings that were previously available only in the Device Settings dialog may now be adjusted on the scan page of the uScope control panel. Refer to the following knowledge base articles for more information:

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