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Overview Image with Poor Flat-FieldYou may observe that the overview image is not ideal and may have one or more of the following issues:

  • The image is brighter on one side than it is on the other.
  • There are artifacts in the image due to dirt or dust on the diffuser.
  • Color balance is biased toward a single color.

The image shown illustrates a poor overview image.


There may be multiple causes for this problem:

  1. The overview camera is out of color calibration.
  2. The flat-field image for the overview camera needs to be re-acquired.
  3. The filter applied to the overview camera may not include a flat-field correction.

Fortunately, these issues are all easy to solve by recalibrating the overview camera and verifying the applied filter.


Device - Objective Camera SettingsTo correct the overview image issues:

  1. Open the Device Settings from the uScope Control Panel.
  2. Select the Overview Camera Settings tab.
  3. Click the Auto Calibrate button.
  4. The slide tray will eject and you will be prompted to remove any slide that may be in the unit. If there is a slide in the uScope, remove it at this time and click OK to begin calibrating.
  5. A dialog shows the progress of the calibration (which should take only a few seconds).

    Progress Dialog
  6. Overview Image with Good Color Balance and Flat-FieldAfter calibration completes, make sure a filter that includes flat-field correction is selected. The FF-LUT filter (flat-field and look-up table) is selected by default.
  7. Click the Save and Exit button to save the changes and exit Device Settings.

At this point, you should load a slide into the uScope and review the overview image. It should appear similar to the image shown.

It is important to note that you may need to re-calibrate the overview camera from time-to-time. Once the camera is calibrated and color corrected, you should only need to re-calibrate if there have been changes to your computer's display settings or if dust has found its way onto the overview diffuser.

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