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Device Settings

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Earlier

Article ID: NDS1193 — Created: 1 May 2018 — Reviewed: 4 May 2018


Changes to the device settings of the uScope are not always saved to the internal flash memory of the scanner when exiting uScope Navigator v4.3.


In some (but not all) cases, when exiting the uScope Navigator software, changes to the device settings are written to disk but are not saved to the internal flash memory of the uScope. If the uScope Navigator software is re-opened, the settings written to disk are saved to the flash memory. However, if the uScope is instead connected to a different computer, the original device settings are copied from the uScope's flash memory to the second computer's disk drive.


A work-around for this issue is to exit and re-launch the uScope Navigator application to ensure the device settings are updated properly.


This problem has been corrected in uScope Navigator v4.5.

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