Device Settings Difference between Program Options and Device Settings
Device Settings

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

Article ID: NDS1252 — Created: 22 May 2019 — Reviewed: 19 Aug 2019


What is the difference between Program Options (or settings) and Device Settings?


Device Settings are the options and parameters that apply to each individual uScope Scanner. The device settings include the following:

  • Factory calibration settings for the uScope motion platform.
  • Camera exposure and color balance settings.
  • Focus selection and options.

Device Settings are saved with the uScope Navigator application and in the internal memory of the uScope. When you move a uScope to a new computer, the Device Settings are loaded from the uScope's memory.

Program Options are the options and parameters that apply to the uScope Navigator Software running on the PC. They include the following:

  • Path settings for jobs and saved images.
  • Image file format.
  • User actions (programs) for pre/post scanning and pre/post whole slide image.
  • Whole slide image processing options.
  • User Buttons to add to the Job Manager and Deep Zoom Image Viewer.
  • Camera Speed Settings.
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