Device Settings Saving Factory Default Settings in uScope Flash
Device Settings

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.6 and Later

Article ID: NDS2328 — Created: 9 Oct 2020 — Reviewed: 9 Dec 2022


uScope models released prior to the release of uScope Navigator v4.6 did not save a copy of the factory default device settings in the uScope's internal Flash memory. Instead, these settings were available only as a file users could request from technical support.

For users of one of these uScope devices, it is possible to store the factory default settings in the internal Flash memory of the uScope. This provides the option to restore these settings to the uScope from the Device Settings dialos.


  1. Request the factory default settings file from our support department.
  2. Exit the uScope Navigator software.
  3. Connect your uScope to the PC.
  4. Copy the file received (FactoryDevice.xml) into the appropriate folder.
  5. Launch uScope Navigator. The Factory settings are saved to the uScope.
  6. Confirm that the factory settings were properly saved by opening the Device Settings dialog.

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