Deep Zoom Images Scan Fields Do Not Overlap Correctly
Deep Zoom Images

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Overlap Problems with Four Fields Whenever I scan a region of interest, my images do not seem to be stitched together properly. What could be the problem?


There are only a few settings that control the overlap of fields in a scanned region and how the uScope Navigator software combines or stitches them together. Confirm the following settings and re-scan a region of interest to determine if the problem is corrected.

In some rare cases, images cannot be stitched correctly because there isn't enough image data to accurately determine the proper overlap position. In such cases, the uScope Navigator software uses surrounding field stitch data to estimate the overlap position.

Overlap Settings

Overlap settings control whether or not (and by how much) fields are overlapped when scanning a region of interest. Refer to the following knowledge base article for more information about overlap settings:

Combine Fields while Scanning

Starting with uScope Navigator v4.3, scanned fields can be combined in the background while scanning. This feature reduces the time required to process (stitch) images after the scan is completed. Refer to the following knowledge base article to enable this feature:

Which Viewer Do You Use?

There are two distinct image viewers available in uScope Navigator. The field set viewer in

  • Field Set Viewer
    The field set viewer lets you view a mosaic of the original scanned fields. If the Combine Fields while Scanning option is not enabled, the field set viewer does not have the necessary information to display a stitched mosaic of the scan fields.
  • Deep Zoom Viewer
    The deep zoom viewer lets you view a perfectly stitched pyramid set created from the original scanned fields. Images displayed with this viewer are always full resolution and properly stitched (when scanned with overlap).

Be sure to use the Deep Zoom viewer to determine if the scanned image is actually stitched or not.

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