Deep Zoom Images How to Copy Deep Zoom Images to a Web Server
Deep Zoom Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

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After I scan my slide and create a deep zoom image, can I copy it to my web server? How do I do that?


When a Deep Zoom image is created, everything needed to view it is stored in a single folder. Refer to the following article for information about the job folder structure:

The Deepzoom-xxx folder contains the viewer (MIDZ.HTML), several thumbnail images, several data files, and the deep zoom pyramid (DZOutput_files folder). To copy the deep zoom image to your web server:

  1. Copy all of these files to a new folder on your web server.
  2. Rename MIDZ.HTML to be the default html file (INDEX.HTML or DEFAULT.HTM) depending on the server type and configuration.

The DZOutput_files folder may contain many tens of thousands of small image files. While this is really efficient for web server deployment of deep zoom images, it can very slow to copy. You can speed up the copy speed by creating a ZIP archive of the Deepzoom folder, copying the ZIP file to the server, and unzipping the contents on the server.

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