Deep Zoom Images 1-to-1 Pixel Mapping Display Mode
Deep Zoom Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: NDZ1260 — Created: 21 Aug 2019 — Reviewed: 1 Oct 2020


Is there a way to display one pixel (on the screen) for one pixel (of the camera) when viewing deep zoom images?

1:1 Image Mode in Deep Zoom ViewerAnswer

Yes. In uScope Navigator v4.5, a 1-to-1 pixel mapping mode (one pixel on the screen is mapped to one pixel from the camera) is provided.

To activate 1-to-1 mode, in the Deep Zoom Viewer click the 1:1 button on the menu bar. Once activated, zoom in and zoom out operations are suspended until deactivated. Click the 1:1 button to deactivate 1-to-1 mode.

You may use the magnification buttons are the bottom of the display to switch to different magnifications (2x, 4x, 10, and so on) while 1:1 mode is active. This has the effect of exactly doubling or halving the image resolution thereby minimizing aliasing effects.

Zooming with the mouse or keyboard is suspended.

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