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  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Earlier

Article ID: NDZ1296 — Created: 28 Dec 2019 — Reviewed: 20 Dec 2020


Deep Zoom images created from multi-angle scans do not open.


In uScope Navigator v4.5, Deep Zoom images created for multi-angle scans are created without data required to view the Deep Zoom images. This causes the deep zoom viewer to be unable to open the deep zoom images.

You can manually edit the DZDirInfo.xml file and add the missing information.

Editing the DZDirInfo.xml File...

To view the Deep Zoom image in the uScope Navigator viewer, you must edit the DZDirInfo.xml file that is located in the DeepZoom-??? folder. The lines that are missing or incorrect are shown in red. Other lines in the file should not be altered or removed.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DZDirInfo xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  • Change the text between the AngleCount tags to indicate the number of angles in this image (3 in our example).
  • Change the text between the AngleList tags to a comma-separated list of the angle measures. Use BF for bright-field. So, if you scanned the slide in bright-field, 0°, and 90°, enter "BF,0,90" for the AngleList (without the " marks).


The AngleCount and AngleList tags are set correctly in the uS-ScanInfo.xml file. You can copy these tags and paste them into the DZDirInfo.xml file.

Change (or add) only the AngleCount and AngleList lines. Do not alter or remove any other lines in the DZDirInfo.xml file.

See Also

Refer to Manually Creating Multi-Angle Deep Zoom Images for more information.

More Information

This problem is corrected in uScope Navigator v4.6.

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