Deep Zoom Images Black Lines (Gaps) in Whole Scan images
Deep Zoom Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

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Whole Scan Image with Gaps Between FieldsWhen creating a whole scan image, the resulting image has horizontal and/or vertical blank areas (gaps) between fields as shown.

Typically, whole scan images are composited from overlapped and stitched image fields and do not have gaps between the scan fields.


Fields in a scanned region of interest can be...

  • Overlapped
    The field images are stitched into a single, large image.
  • Tiled
    The field images do not overlap.
  • Underlapped
    The field images have a gap around each image.

When scan fields are not overlapped, they cannot be adequately stitched. In such cases, they are rendered with a minimum sized gutter (gap) of 40 pixels between the fields in the created whole scan image.

Overlap Method Settings

Scan Overlap SettingsAs shown, you can change the Overlap Method for slide scans to be Underlap. And, you can enter the number of pixels between fields both vertically (Y Overlap) and horizontally (X Overlap).

When the underlap amounts exceed the minimum gutter size (40 pixels), the rendered image gutters are increased to the specified pixel sizes to maintain the image aspect ratio.

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