Deep Zoom Images Corrupt Deep Zoom Images when Using Remote Desktop
Deep Zoom Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.6 and Later

Article ID: NDZ2378 — Created: 6 Apr 2021 — Reviewed: 6 Apr 2021


Incorrectly Output Whole Scan ImageWhen using Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to my uScope Scanner PC, deep zoom images that are created are corrupted in some way. Is this a known problem?


Yes. We have observed similar problems when Remote Desktop is configured to Update the Session Resolution on Resize. For some reason, this setting seems to affect the pixel mapping for generated images and causes the deep zoom render engine to output corrupt deep zoom images.


Correctly Output Whole Scan ImageTo resolve this issue disable Update the Session Resolution on Resize in the Display options on Remote Desktop.


If your deep zoom images appear to be stitched incorrectly, refer to Restitching Whole Scan Images for details on deleting the stitch data and re-stitching the scanned image fields.

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