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What does the bilateral smoothing filter do?


The Bilateral Smoothing filter performs selective Gaussian smoothing on areas of the same color. This filter smooths only those areas that are similarly colored and bypasses contrast transitions (edges). This has the effect of removing noise and contrast artifacts while preserving sharp edges.

Bilateral Smoothing Filter — Before
Bilateral Smoothing Filter — Before

Bilateral Smoothing Filter — After
Bilateral Smoothing Filter — After

This filter evaluates an image pixel-by-pixel and calculates the new color for a specific pixel based on the colors of the surrounding pixels. It may help solve the following image problems:

  • Noise Reduction
    Images captured with low exposure or with less illumination than ideal will have some image noise. Reducing the noise gives these images a more natural look.
  • Edge Sharpening
    Edges appear sharper because of the noise reduction in areas on either side of the edge.

This filter is available only for Deep Zoom filter sequences.

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