Filter Manager How to Copy Filter Settings to Another PC
Filter Manager

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

Article ID: NFL1171 — Created: 31 Mar 2018 — Reviewed: 1 Oct 2020


I have created several filters using the filter manager. How can I copy my filters to another computer?


Filter sequences you create are stored in their own XML files. To move your filters to a different computer, you can simply copy the filter XML files to that computer.

Filter TypeDefault Location
OverviewC:\ProgramData\Microscopes International\uScopeNavigator4\Overview_Filters
ObjectiveC:\ProgramData\Microscopes International\uScopeNavigator4\Slide_Filters
Deep ZoomC:\ProgramData\Microscopes International\uScopeNavigator4\DZ_Filters

Be sure to copy filters into the same filter type location. Filters of one type are not compatible with other filter types. For example, Overview filters may not be copied to the folders for Objective or Deep Zoom filters.

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