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  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

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Filter Manager — Grayscale A Grayscale Filter has been added to uScope Navigator v4.5. This filter converts a color image to a 256-shades of gray.

Controls are available to control the amounts of Red, Green, and Blue that comprise the grayscale image.


Grayscale ControlsThe Grayscale Filter converts color images to grayscale images with 256 shades of gray using standard color mixing to generate a gray shade or each combination of red, green, and blue.

A coefficient for each color is used in a standard formula for converting the sRGB color space defined in terms of the CIE 1931 luminance. The default coefficients are shown in the following fomula:

Y = (0.2126 × Red) + (0.71552 × Green) + (0.0722 × Blue)

In general, these settings should be sufficient for most grayscale image conversions. However, you may set them to suit your requirements.

The coefficients specified for the grayscale conversion should add to 1.00 (100%).

Image Before Grayscale
Image Before Auto-Focus
Image After Grayscale
Image After Auto-Focus

Setting Custom Coefficients

You may, of course, set the coefficients to suit your requirements.

  • You may wish to create a grayscale image using pixel information from only one color. To do so for Red, set the Red coefficient to 1.000 and Green and Blue to 0.000.
  • To create the grayscale image using half of the Red pixel value and half of the Blue pixel value, set the Red and Blue coefficients to 0.500 and the Green coefficient to 0.000.

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