Filter Manager Some Filters Crash uScope Navigator
Filter Manager

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5
  • uScope Navigator V4.6 and Later

Article ID: NFL1293 — Created: 13 Nov 2019 — Reviewed: 16 Nov 2020


Some filters (sharpen, blur), when used to create a Whole Scan Image, cause uScope Navigator to crash and completely exit. No exception message or other error indication appears.


A problem was found in the way resources were allocated by some filters. For Whole Scan Images that were sufficiently large, a crash could result when using one of these filters to create a Whole Scan Image.


The current work-around for this problem is to remove filters one at a time from the filter set until creating a Whole Scan Image no longer crashes.


This problem is resolved in uScope Navigator v4.6.

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