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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.6 and Later

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Color correction is a common image processing technique that makes rendering captured images more accurately reflect the observed color. Practically all image sensors and cameras require and benefit from some form of color correction.

A 3DL (3D Lookup Table) file is a color conversion table that is used to map one color space to another. 3DL files may be used with professional graphics software like Adobe Photoshop to modify the color grade of video or images.


uScope Navigator v4.6 adds a new filter type that enables color correction through the use of a 3DL (*.3dl) file. This file may be applied to Overview, Objective, and Deep Zoom Filter Sequences. This filter is listed as Color Correction File (3DL) in the filter menu.

When enabled, the uScope Navigator software replaces each pixel color with the corrected color from the 3DL file. Performance for this replacement is very fast and has an imperceivable effect on the performance of the scanner.

3DL Color Correction File Location

Color correction 3DL files are stored in the following folder:

C:\ProgramData\Microscopes International\uScope Navigator 4\Color Correction

3DL Color Correction File Format

The color correction file is a text file. They can be found from a number of online sources or can be created by various software applications:

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