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I have several questions about bugs and software defects.

  1. Is there a complete list of bugs in the uScope Navigator software?
  2. How do I get help if I run into a problem?
  3. How do I report a problem with the software or request a new feature?


We make it a priority to correct bugs and software defects as quickly as possible and/or provide work-arounds where possible.

Bugs you may encounter are documented in our knowledge base and published to the website. Our software Q/A process identifies potential problems early in the development cycle which we correct before making a public release.

To answer your specific questions...

  1. Yes, we have a complete list of bugs and open features. We only publish the problems that cause customers difficulty in using the product in the web knowledge base. We prioritize bug fixes over new features.
  2. The best way to get help with your Microscopes International product is to check the knowledge base or request assistance online.
  3. To report a problem, use our support request form for the fastest, most complete response.
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