General Interest Using uScope Navigator v4.3 with Older Firmware
General Interest

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.2.1 and Later

Article ID: NGN1152 — Created: 21 Feb 2018 — Reviewed: 9 Aug 2020


I have referred to the following article from your knowledge base to figure out what uScope firmware versions are required to run the latest software.

I currently have the following firmware on my uScope:

  • Platform Controller: A15.008
  • Camera Controller: L15.008

Is it possible to run the uScope with this older firmware using uScope Navigator v4.3?


Yes. While it is not ideal, the uScope Navigator v4.3 release will work with a uScope with the firmware versions you listed.

The only caveat to using the older firmware with the latest software is that a firmware problem was corrected that caused camera exposure to be set incorrectly when switching between SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition). If you switch camera resolutions using the older firmware, you must exit the software and power the uScope off and back on again before the proper exposure settings will take effect.

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