General Interest Verifying uScope Drivers Are Properly Installed
General Interest

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

Article ID: NGN1162 — Created: 7 Mar 2018 — Reviewed: 5 Apr 2018


Start Device ManagerHow can I check to see if the uScope drivers were successfully installed?


There are only a few steps to follow to determine that the uScope drivers were successfully installed.

  1. Connect the uScope to your PC and power it up.
  2. You should hear the normal USB connected sound from your PC's speakers.
  3. From the start menu, enter the first few letters of "device manager".
  4. Select Device Manager from the list of programs and press Enter to launch it.
  5. On the Device Manager window, you should see a section for Microscopes International and a uScope device listed underneath. If the uScope is listed under Other devices or if there is a symbol indicating an error, the drivers were not installed.
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Driver Failure
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